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Auteur Topic: AutoCAD Architecture 2008 - Feature Comments  (gelezen 1787 keer)


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AutoCAD Architecture 2008 - Feature Comments
« Gepost op: do 12 04 2007, 15:28:05 »

Op ben ik op volgende deel gestoten, vraag of er hier al iemand 'slechte' ervaring mee heeft gehad?

AutoCAD Architecture 2008 - Feature Comments Monday, April 09, 2007
What use to be known as "Known Issues"

Autodesk has published the readme file from AutoCAD Architectural (What used to be known as ADT). In that file are notes on the software about issues that were not fully resolved. They use to call them Known Issues. They now call them "Feature Comments".

These are things to look out for when using the new software. Things that may not have been totally worked out when the software shipped. Not big issues (from the perspective of Autodesk) that would have stopped the shipping of the software, but issues non the less.

Some of these issues may be show stoppers for you.

Here are a few... with my comments in italics.

Annotation Content

Updating legacy annotative content is outlined in the AutoCAD Architecture 2008 Help.
NOTE: To ensure proper scaling, set the current annotation scale to 1:1 prior to updating legacy annotative content.

This is something that I need to investigate. This is a very vague statement.


AutoCAD Architecture 2008 has MsLtScale is set to 1 by default. When opening a drawing that uses this value, in a previous release, the LtScale will need to be manually set to maintain linetype scale visual fidelity.
Aec Dimensions in AutoCAD Architecture 2008 use a DimScale value of 96 by default. If opened in a previous release and viewed at a scale other than 1/8” = 1’-0” the DimScale will need to be changed to the appropriate scale.
Wow - this one could mess up a few dims on your files.

Multi-View Blocks

Stretching tags that incorporate Multi-View Blocks with leaders, using a crossing window, will cause the leaders to become disconnected from the Multi-View Blocks. The leader may be grip edited back to the correct location.
Multi-View Blocks do not respect the block setting “Match block orientation to layout”.
If a Multi-View Block with more than one Annotation Scale Representation is opened in a previous release and is moved, all of its Annotation Scale Representations will be moved when the drawing is reopened in AutoCAD Architecture 2008. (Lookout!!)

Zijn hier nog niet overgegaan naar de nieuwe versie, vandaar.

GreetZzz & Thx,
CAD is my LSD
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